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Japanese Ship Wreck (Katori Maru) /China Wreck/ Barge / Thai Wreck            

Depth: 16m- 26m                                                                                      
History: From World War II wreck to artificial reef  
created to improve the marine fish population                                           

Min. Diver: 2 Divers


Satang Islands (Muck Diving)
Depth: 12m
Interest: Nudibranch, Lobsters, coral reef, Parrotfish, Butterfly fish, Angelfish

Min. Diver: 2 Diver


Destroyer Segiri                                                                              
Depth : 20m
History : From World War II

Min. Diver: 2 Diver


Note: All dives are inclusive of 2 tanks, weights and weight belt. BCD / Reg not inclusive. A reservation fee must be paid upon confirmation (not refundable). All diving & snorkeling activities are pre-arrangement.

Terms & Conditions

  1. All divers are required to fill up completely and sign a liability release & express assumption of risk form,
  2. The management may at their discretion cancel diving activities due to unforeseen circumstances (weather, technical, etc.)
  3. All divers must show their diver certification card.

Remarks: Term & Condition Apply.

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